Looking for a PM job?

Welcome to PM Job Hunt!

This site is the home of an online "book" that offers advice on how to find a job as a Product Manager and how to transition to Product from other business roles. (Business school students - I'm looking at you!)

A bit more about me

My name is Allen and I'm a Product Manager. I used to work in Finance and Strategy, but got a lucky opportunity at a startup called Yipit, where I learned to code and worked on the consumer product. Since then, I went to business school, then worked as a PM at Google and Better Mortgage. Now, I'm the PM at a startup called Bubble.

My career has had a few twists and turns, but I'm happy I ended up doing Product. A lot of people have asked me about how I transitioned into Product - I was repeating myself often enough that I thought maybe writing it all down would help. And here we are!

The "book" is free to access - all I ask is that you shoot me any feedback you have! Always happy to add more useful content to help others.